Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 second no sew craft or sew in 10 min your choice!

How do I have a sew AND a no sew? It depends on fabric. Felt wont unravel so you don't need to sew edges. A glue gun to put a button on or sew it on!This is so simple but so handy! I have a crazy cord on my iron that always takes up space. NO MORE fighting with a cord that wont stay put away with a handy strap! Patent not pending :D Here it is wrapped around the cord.
Here is the closeup of the button closure. I added a bit of bling with hot glue. Even if you sew on the button you can hot glue on top your stitches.
 Here it is laid out. about 5 in long. Depending on size of button make your button hole at other end. I used felt and kind of opened the button hole so you can see it better. I used a random pc of felt I had from making lego darth vader capes. :D I whipped this up because i needed it at the moment but i think i will make a sewn one that might hold up better.
BTW sorry for it being blurry... i had camera issues that day :D

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