Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Way To Recycle

I HATE to throw away things that maybeeeeeee  can reuse. One such item is cans. I know i can recycle them but they are also so useful! One thing I really needed was a hairbrush holder. I had been using a  basket but it was to long for my kids short counter. Here is what I did:

1. Feed the kids some yummy corn. Washed the can. :D
 I used faux leather on the bottom as it is the kids bathroom and i didnt want something that absorbed water or might cause a rust circle, as splashing is just the norm.I hot glued it down...a LOT.
 I layed down the can to measure the can .I wrapped the can in the pleather while using hot glue to completely lay it down,
 I wanted a countryish feel so i frayed the edges of my fabric. to do this find a string and pull, you can remove as many strings as you want to make it as frayed as you choose. i did about 4 strings on each side.
 Then i wrapped that around and used a dab of hot glue to secure.
pre fray
 post fray :)

 after fraying I made a bow. It is not perfect but i did pull any leftover strings to clean it up. I wanted it to have that country charm feel to it.
 a small non frayed piece to make the bow a little cleaner
 Look at the middle of the bow now, it is neater, but still has the country feel. A small dab of hot glue on the back is all it needed
 Here it is loaded with hairbrushes. I thought it was funny that my daughters hairbrush made it look like they were peeking out at me as i took the picture.
cost for this project;

Scraps of fabric $0.00
can out of recycle bin $0.00
hot glue (2 mini sticks) $0.10 apx

TOTAL 10 cents :D I can work with that

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