Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rick Rack Cocktail Rings

Rick rack in color of your choice.

Braid it gently and sew one seam down the middle to hold the braid in place

Leave the end unsewn for tucking

the ends waving atcha :D

Go to micheal (LOVE THEM SO MUCH) go to the jewlery craft dept. rings come in a 3 pack they had   copper, silver, darkened siver or gold

keep winding the rick rack til it looks like a rose :) i practiced on a few before finishing it. to finish; use a dab of hot glue and tuck that end down and press. this makes the bottom the same color and smooths the edges.

dab of hot glue again and attach the ring!

see how the base is the same color and also that you can see the stitches from the side. i THOUGHT my light blue thread would blend more then it did. When i did red thread on a red rose you didn't even see the stitches!

here it is on my hand. the ring is for someone else so it is to small for my chubby hands :D

tried to do a close up so you can see the details

...I didn't do a very good job!
Cost of items:
Rick rack is apx 2.00 you need less then half so about .75
rings are 2.00 for 3 of them
less then 1/2 a glue stick

one ring = >2.00!!

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